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First Steps...

  • 11th Apr, 2008 at 2:17 PM

So Katykins MADE me join live journal and once i have got my head around it, maybe i will like it... i suppose it depends on how interactive it is.

One thing i do like about it so far is the privacy of what i write... i will be able to write things here and still have it for my eyes only. Will be good as sometimes there is so much i have to say but too lazy to keep an actual diary. Saying this i do tend to lose pens too... but a whole other story.

One thing i am going to do is hunt someone down who has the time and inclination of helping me to design a decnt website for underworld... 

I have a rubbish thing going on at the mo but have no real interest in it as i don't know what i am doing... i am one of those who has to be shown how to do things.. 

Anyway, i am blabbering...  


katykinss wrote:
11th Apr, 2008 14:22 (UTC)

Yay, You'll love it. You can put your entries into groups...and people from your friends into groups, and you can make some public, custom or private..

Loads of people are on here!

Hope you enjoy it!!!!
gks_property wrote:
11th Apr, 2008 14:26 (UTC)
Here's Hoping....
Now to find people other than the Leather Family who i like ;-)
dk_leathers wrote:
11th Apr, 2008 14:28 (UTC)
Hey there sexpot!

Good to see you here - well done Katy ;-)

Btw, this post is public so anyone can read it. If you need to post friends only, choose that option; then only folk you add to your list can read it! Private is for your eyes only.

Hope to learn more about you, get to know you better... through your journal here now ~smiles softly and doffs cap~ x
dk_leathers wrote:
11th Apr, 2008 15:09 (UTC)
I thought this might help you... ~grins and doffs cap~

The Leather Family
leatherfamily - family updates LJ
Then there's our individual ones: Me dk_leathers, Rachel leatherdykeuk, Luisa leathereagle, Sue leatherangel, Rowan rowanlangley, Aimee lilsubz, Gemma xx_kalisha_xx, Katy you already have... and then there's John sf_freak, Loops loops_suk and Shullie shullie, Hugh madkatsjournal (his partner is satanica_fire and finally Richard rickman100 (partner suzeebrat). Phew!

Then there's this lot from my friends list, all of whom are either...

IC/cmunchers/scene friends

inquisitive1ady Pat and cruelbastard Ron
lil_mynx_of_mrb tracy and Badge badg1
bluevelvet_sam BV and cerberus_bv cerbie
caprycorn and sublucky
devi_uk Devi and loc_uk Loc
mysty_twilight / wood_rose Jezzebelle
goodghirl goodghirl and scottish_jamie
amai_diamond Mel
fulani_demon Fulani
dogtrainer1974 DT
fuschia_lfs Fuschia
gigg1er Giggler
jenis_xx Jenis
knorxl Cle
lordjames1972 Lord James
masterropeknot MRK and mrks_redflame Redflame
msdemmie The inimitable Ms Demmie (of The Edge)
tainted_angel83 and the_falconer
call_me_harmony Harmony and crag_du Craig
dr_jen Jen
headless_biker Gary
jnightnurse Jackie
nadiajane Nadia (very old friend of ours/scene since 99)
nimue_s Nim
paintednails_07 Darren
sweetiejar Sweetiejar and pixiexxx Pixie
prettyname tracie (tracieart) also very old friend/scene
princessvio Violently and stu_v
profpep The Prof
quietd QuietD (Pete, cmunch)

Phew... ok that'll do for now. I have 500+ on my friends list, I just quickly scanned through - there'll be quite a few I missed I can guarantee! :-) have fun, and welcome to the madness that is blogging properly ;-)

DK xxx
call_me_harmony wrote:
13th Apr, 2008 10:10 (UTC)
Hiya and welcome to the madhouse.
sf_freak wrote:
14th Apr, 2008 14:00 (UTC)
Hi and
welcome :)

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