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a little bit of me

Hi i am Pam to my friends, dumpee and various other names to my best mate.

i have some VERY good friends, those people i could not be without and i love them in different ways but each is very special to me.

Over the past eighteen months i have been learning alot about myself.. some of which is downright scary. The main thing i have learnt is that emotional barriers do not keep us safe from further harm, they just keep the pain inside.

"come dine with me", "monkey" from pg tips., 24, bacon sandwiches, bodily functions, caesars nightclub, drinking tea, dudley dungeon, floggers, indie music, informed consent, jason statham, knives, lost, maltesers, minstrels, my sofa, pajamas, pinwheels, puppy in a bottle, sleeping, slippers, space pirates, sprouts., telly box, terrahawks, white orchids, will and grace